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What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective approaches you can take to distribute information to your current and potential clients.

Compared to traditional media, email is fast, personal, interactive and extremely cost effective.

Mail Interactive expands on these benefits through our easy-to-use solution, which brings together all the critical elements required to create, deliver, track, and analyse email marketing campaigns.


There are many benefits in using Mail Interactive:-

  • Reduce marketing costs – email marketing eliminates printing, mailing, cost of stamps, and media expenses.
  • Achieve higher response rates – Mail Interactive has the ability to target customers closely and deliver graphical and interactive content.
  • Lower your client costs – using Mail Interactive will significantly lower your client acquisition expenses... and we all know it costs far more to recruit a new customer than to keep an existing one.
  • Retain more clients – regular, permission-based email newsletters and other email marketing communications keeps you in contact with your customers and encourages customer loyalty.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – email marketing allow you to engage your clients in a two-way dialogue. If they’re not happy, they can easily respond by hitting ‘reply’, unlike traditional snail mail.
  • Quicker campaigns – email marketing is an instantaneous marketing solution. It will shorten your marketing communications production cycle to minutes not months, resulting in a streamlined communications and promotional campaign.
  • Measurable results – Mail Interactive allows you to track the success of your email marketing campaigns through instant access to graphic reports on email deliveries, opens, and click-throughs.
  • Evaluate instantly – our email marketing results are produced in real time, so you don’t have to wait for months on end to get your direct mail results.
  • Easy to follow up – email marketing lets you test pricing, offers and copy before sending a follow-up campaign using winning elements that you know recipients will act on. Best of all, you can do this within hours of the first email, keeping the campaign hot and topical.
  • Future email content – Mail Interactive’s reporting enables you to revise your campaign based on your knowledge gained by tracking the open rates and click-through data. Please contact us to discuss your email marketing requirements and to find out more about how Mail Interactive can help.

FREE Trial

FREE Trial
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