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Mail Simplicity

This is a self managed package, perfect if you've got the time and know-how to run your campaigns yourself.

We set you up with an account and a basic template from which you can send your campaigns. You will be able to update the newsletter yourself at any point so you can send campaigns whenever you want. We'll also throw in a free training session, so you will understand the software and be abe to analyse those all important reports.

We use this system with Children 1st in Edinburgh and they find it very useful, as they are able to send separate emails to different departments, with different content, at different times. It means they're not tied to a contract and only get charged per email sent. To read about how we helped them, have a look at our case studies; or visit the gallery, where you can view examples of the PA Exchange's and Cultural Enterprise's e-newsletters - two other companies who use this account.


£350 - account setup; one professionally designed and branded email template in keeping with your website; and free training.

£0.01 - per email sent.

Best of all, we don't charge any campaign fees; you can send a campaign completely free of charge! Sounds good to you? Get in touch to find out more.

FREE Trial

FREE Trial
Take advantage of our trial offer which allows you to send 500 FREE emails to your mailing list, straight away.