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Mail Reseller

This is a reseller's package, perfect for agencies that have their own clients on the books.

We setup you up with a reseller account and fully train you - for free of course - on the system. This not only allows you to send your own agency campaigns but lets you create 'children' accounts so you can create and manage campaigns for your clients. You will be able to control every aspect of your client's account, from content to time of delivery, target market recipients to reports and analysis plus you'll undertsand how to make the most out of the software.

Unsurprisingly, our key clients who use this package are major design agencies. Rapp and 39 Steps (trading under Echo) both use this system as it allows them to manage varying campaigns and provide full reports and strategy advice for each of their clients. You can see these newsletters in our gallery; or read about The Synergy Bureau, another Mail Liberty client, in our case studies.


£750 - account setup; one bespoke, blueprint email template; creation and setup of 'children' accounts; plus FREE training.

£0.01 - per email sent.

Unlike other email strategists, we don't charge any campaign fees; you can send a campaign completely free of charge! To discuss your resellers account, contact us today!

FREE Trial

FREE Trial
Take advantage of our trial offer which allows you to send 500 FREE emails to your mailing list, straight away.