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Email Marketing

Mail Interactive is an email marketing tool created by Crush, a digital agency based in Edinburgh, UK. We offer email marketing strategies for our clients with a focus on intuitive ideas and friendly expert advice! 

More and more organizations are now using email marketing as an integral part of their marketing campaigns, and with good reason. 

Organisations of all shapes and sizes rely on emails to reach customers and prospects in a simple, low cost way. This form of direct marketing allows you to communicate directly with your audience, so that every email sent to a potential or current customer is an opportunity to gain more clients, increase your exposure and receive more relevant, useful, and up to date feedback. 

The advantages of email marketing are hard to overlook and so is the success it creates. It allows you to be assertive and reach your clients without being obtrusive. It is cost effective, provides timely results, is quick to produce, and easy to integrate hyperlinks. Email marketing allows you to build relationships, provides detailed reports and analysis, and enables affordable segmentation and targeting. It is a vital, affordable part of any marketing plan for a company seeking to increase its online presence.

FREE Trial

FREE Trial
Take advantage of our trial offer which allows you to send 500 FREE emails to your mailing list, straight away.